Meet the Staff | Julie

Every few weeks we will highlight one of the AWESOME members of our Oakwood family. These amazing staff members give so much of themselves and they love what they do! So pull up a chair and get to know a little bit about our people!

Hi! I’m Julie!

Oakwood has been my other family for just over 4 years now! I mastermind art classes and projects, engage members, and assist members to successfully explore their creativity. I am at Oakwood’s Red Mountain location, though I’ve also spent time at Town Center so I may look familiar to many at both locations.

While working at Oakwood, I returned to school to become an Occupational Therapy Assistant and graduated last February. I now have some useful knowledge and tools under my belt that aids me to engage and assist in therapeutic ways and create meaningful activities. I love to find ways to combine my education with my background as a lifelong creative person and artist to improve the quality of life for Oakwood members!


Here are some details about me:

  • Small things that make my day better… Dogs in car windows. Catching someone’s eye during a song and silently singing to them, often complete with subtle choreography. Well-loved paintbrushes. Dancing. One-liners. Hugs. Eating healthy.

  • Something I could give a 40-minute presentation about with absolutely no preparation is personality! I love learning about different traits, what makes people tick, and ways those differences are measured.

  • I think at least once in their lives everyone should live in a foreign country and explore another way of doing life! Also, to gain a better sense of our abundance living in America. I lived in Ecuador for seven months doing humanitarian work with orphaned and abandoned children and really gained gratitude for what I have!

  • The ideal way to spend my weekend is working on an art project, paid for by somebody else, in a clean house, with somebody else cooking my meals. …Well, we did say ideal.