Kids and The Members of Oakwood Creative Care | Bridging the Gap Between

Intergenerational Programs at OCC

A few times a week, our Town Center Campus is buzzing with a particularly youthful energy. Our Members have had the pleasure of working with kindergarteners, first graders, and second graders from a local elementary school, Queen of Peace, to create dazzling works of art. This has been a fun opportunity for these young kids to bring their never-ending energy and excitement to our activities and along with that, they definitely bring smiles to our Members’ faces! We’ve been able to get to know the kids, hear them sing, help them paint, and laugh along with them. Most recently we were making mod podge balloons with the second graders, but it was a tough project to do alone. Our Members, or Grandfriends as they are affectionately called by the kids, jumped right in and helped the kids create the beginnings of a globe.

Kids and The Members of Oakwood Creative Care :: Bridging the Gap Between.jpeg

This year we also partnered up with the Mesa High special needs class. These high school students come to Oakwood to volunteer, learn skills, and start getting work experience. We have seen this partnership bloom as our Members have embraced these kids while painting, singing, dancing, cooking, and sewing.

In an intergenerational program, we witness a wonderful blend of energy and learning. Anticipating the arrival of the kids gives their Grandfriends something to look forward to and the kids are always eager to come back the next time. We’ll be sad to see them go at the end of the school year, but we are excited about a new group of students next year!