Being Happy

Sometimes at the beginning of my classes at Oakwood, I ask the members a “getting to know you” question. One day, my question was “What is something you can do to be happier?” I got some beautiful answers and wanted to share them with you!


What is something you can do to be happier?

  • “Spend some time at the playground with kids. Kids make you happier.” - Paul

  • “When you’re in public, find a baby and catch it’s eye.”- Carol

  • “Stay true to yourself.”- Francis

  • “Enjoy yourself and the time you have.” - Ken

  • “Find God anywhere. He’s here around us. He can bring so much joy to you and strength.” - Judith

  • “Being around family and happy people.” - Karen

  • “Happiness is a choice. Some people choose it and some don’t.” - Bob

  • “Become more involved with your husband.” - Patricia

  • “Always try to progress.” - Carlos

  • “Smile and laugh.” - Mary

  • “Laugh at yourself, life, and your husband.” - Mila

  • “Slow down a little bit and enjoy life a bit. Then when you go back to work you’ll feel better about it, and maybe have time to romance your girlfriend.” - Roy

  • “Have your family over more often. Also, don’t sweat the small stuff, and the older you get the more you realize…it’s all small stuff.” - Brad

  • “Think of others, and make sure that your life isn’t impacting theirs in a negative way.“ - Mel

  • "I love being with my family.” - Eileen

  • “Go someplace new.” - Elidia